Your questions answered

Can you clean a rug?

Yes! This will be done using either softer machine brushes or if more delicate, the rug will be cleaned by hand brushing the cleaning ‘sponges’ into the rug and following the cleaning process, then vacuumed to leave a dry rug, ready for immediate use.


Can you clean carpet tiles or will the process lift them?

The Host System is highly recommended for cleaning carpet tiles. A degreasing solution is lightly misted on to the tiles, followed by the cleaning compound. The hard brushes fitted to the machine work inwards and scrub the cleaning compound into the carpet tiles. After several cleans of the area in all directions the tiles are not only clean but any stains will be removed completely – or if this is not possible, they will usually be faded in the cleaning process.


How long does the process take and how long before I can use the rooms again?

The average living-room carpet takes around ninety minutes to clean and you will be able to walk on the carpet immediately afterwards.


Do I need to clear all the furniture out of the room?

No! It may be helpful to remove some of the smaller items from the room but otherwise, sofas and chairs can be moved from one side to another as sections of the room are cleaned – and we will do this! Units against the walls, such as bookshelves, can be left in place and we will clean around them.


I have a dark carpet – will the cleaning process affect the colours?

The chemicals are WoolSafe Approved (find out more at the WoolSafe website) and completely safe and there is no risk of any colour bleed or fading in the cleaning process. The same cleaning method applies whether the carpet is light or dark.


I have an antique rug or carpet – is the process safe to use on it?

Yes! We would do this by cleaning by hand, stroking the cleaning compound carefully into the fibre of the rug using the minimum amount of moisture. A light vacuuming of the rug to complete the process will leave it cleaned to the best result possible.


Can you clean a stair carpet?

Yes! The step and front of the stair tread can be cleaned. This will also revive the carpet pile.


This carpet has a very old stain on it that we can’t identify – would you be able to get it out?

It is possible that we can remove it by using spot cleaners and applying the cleaning compound several times, but we can’t know until we try. Stains that cannot be removed can usually be faded in the cleaning process.


Is it cheaper to get all the carpets in my house cleaned at once rather than just one room?

We would recommend at least the living room, dining room, hall, stairs and landing. We do have a minimum charge, so doing a few areas at once is likely to be more economical.


What would you charge to clean one room? Does it depend how dirty the carpet is?

To clean the carpet in just one room in a house, we’d have to apply our minimum charge of £80. But we’d give you an estimate beforehand and the final price would depend on the type of carpet, its size, and yes – how dirty it is, whether it has stains that would need extra work, and so on. Find out how we work out our prices.


I’m having guests and need my carpets cleaned before they come! How soon can you come and do them? How long will they take to dry?

Generally within seven days but it may be fourteen at busy times. But your carpets will be dry when we leave and can be walked on immediately.


We need all our office carpets cleaned – are you able to clean large areas of carpet?

Our commercial contracts have a planned schedule of cleaning intervals throughout the year. When we take on a new office contract, it’s based on an initial restoration of your office or institution’s carpets linked with a schedule of cleaning to maintain their appearance. If you’d like a quotation for a cleaning and maintenance contract for your business, or for a school, college, or other institution, please contact us.