How it works

Brushes beat dirt out of the carpet fibresAt Anglia Clean Care, we use the Host dry extraction system for cleaning rugs and carpets. Host is recommended by carpet manufacturers worldwide: its approved chemicals are safe for use on wool and all other carpet fibres.

Our cleaning system gives your carpets a deep clean that revives the pile, but leaves carpets dry enough to walk on.

Host is a unique all-in-one cleaning system that combines a brushing action with a sponge cleaner and a powerful vacuum to give a soft, natural, environmentally-friendly cleaner that leaves your carpets not only clean but also dry.

  • Deep-down brushing action allows the sponges to break up, dissolve, trap and then remove spots, spills and greasy, oily dirt.
  • Specially designed Host Sponges contain a balanced mix of water, detergents, wetting agents and a safe citrus-based solvent.
  • The powerful vacuum removes the sponges along with all the trapped dirt.


Recommended for wool carpets

Anglia Clean Care is a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider, using products approved by the WoolSafe Organisation.


Benefits of the Host system

Because the system applies sponges to the carpet, brushes them through the carpet, and then vacuums them up, it reduces allergens at the same time as it removes dirt – to improve your indoor air quality.

Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the Host system using Host machines:

  • reduces dust mites by 78%
  • reduces cat allergen by 85%
  • reduces dust mite allergen by 75%
  • reduces mould spores by 85%

– so if you have an allergy to cat hair or dust mites, you may find that having your carpets cleaned using this method will help you.